Infographic Magazine Layout
While working towards my BA, I completed a designing with data course that taught us how to create infographics, including how to take data in spreadsheet form and turn it into charts. The course focused on using data to tell a story, using data with integrity, and making data visually interesting. The layout below was the final project for the course. We were given several data sets to choose from, a creative brief, and a style guide. 
Creative Brief Summary: Create a tabloid-size infographic to be including in a magazine titled Tech Crowd. Use the brand style guide to inform the color choices and typography choices. 
Before we started designing the infographic, we had to write an extensive project proposal outlining how we would use the data, what story we were telling, and what design choices we would make in regards to color and typography. 

Explanations of our findings were required, as well as an introduction. I chose to use short explanations and incorporate "icons" (fractions, percentages, arrows, phone illustrations) that I created myself, to make the data more visual. 
Mock Photography Magazine Layout
This magazine layout used a variety of fruit and flower photos taken for fun. The freedom of playing around with composition, different backgrounds, and props inspired the layout. The colors in the layout were lifted from the photos. Several fonts were utilized for contrast and interest. 
A two page magazine layout featuring photos of sliced lemons, oranges, and limes mixed with flowers, used on a paint palette, mixed with glitter and frozen in an ice cube. The article is entitled "Photography for Fun."

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